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Once to yourself
The importance of the 'Once To Yourself' section of a jig
Playing in C, followed by "My Lord Of Sherborne's Jig" (tune)
Loveless discusses the benefits of playing in C on concertina before playing "The Lord Of Sherborne's Jig"
The importance of capers
Loveless on the importance of sustaining capers in a morris jig
The Fool's Jig (Bampton) (dance)
William Kimber 10 June 1957. William Kimber playing for Headington Quarry Morris Dancers outside the Mason's Arms, Headington Quarry
Jockey to the Fair (tune)
Loveless plays the single solo morris jig "Jockey To The Fair" from the village of Headington Quarry
Green Sleeves / Bacca Pipes Jig
Green Sleeves / Bacca Pipes Jig
Jockie To the Fair - Morris Jig
Jockie To the Fair - Morris Jig
Shepherd's Hey Morris Jig
Shepherd's Hey Morris Jig
I'll Go And Enlist For A Sailor (tune)
Loveless plays "I'll Go Enlist For A Sailor" from the village of Sherborne
Bonnets So Blue (tune)
Loveless plays "Bonnets So Blue" from the village of Bucknell
Princess Royal (tune)
Loveless plays "Princess Royal" from Fieldtown, Oxfordshire
Ladies Pleasure (tune)
Loveless plays "Ladies Pleasure, also know as "Ladies Of Pleasure" from the village of Bledington
The Nutting Girl (tune)
Loveless plays "The Nutting Girl" from the village of Fieldtown
The speed of jigs
Loveless discusses the speed jigs should be danced and played
Shepherd's Hey (tune)
Loveless plays "The Shepherds Hey" from Headington Quarry. He also discusses the Percy Grainger arrangement.
Old Mother Oxford (tune)
Loveless plays "Old Mother Oxford" from Headington Quarry.
Lumps of Plum Pudding (tune)
Loveless plays "Lumps Of Plum Pudding" from Bledington in Oxfordshire


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